Ok Had to make another account...

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Ok Had to make another account...

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 11, 2013 4:55 pm

This is my alternate account cause you screwed up with my password, and I can't use my old account anymore.
This account will not be made into an admin, until phoenix restores my old one this one is going to be a normal user.

On the side note I have an idea for the tiles but we are going to need a sprite artist to help me with that, and it would help to have 16x16 pixels tiles. and for that special way of expanding we can make a lot of maps in the form of modular sections, this is where your mapping skills are going to be useful, iSharky.

You will make three kinds of maps, area maps(like home and towns), Route maps and interior maps. for testing purposes we can take some of the pokemon tiles and sprites but we have to find a replacement eventually.

Players are going to be 16wx32h on the main map as they move about. When we get into combat ill try to set up a turned based system similar to like most rpgs. By the way the ideal format for the maps would be a png or grp file.

I'll explain later...as for your idea of legendaries, I want to finish the two starters first. then we can talk about it more later...


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