New change to the rules in regards for Dev team application

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New change to the rules in regards for Dev team application

Post by Haneko on Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:41 pm

OK it has come to my attention that some people have the idiocy to join a dev team and then turn on them with a cease and desist letter to make a project crash. this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

This is to be expected if you contribute, for those who don't know what that means. let's put it simply. When you put money into the donation box its not your money anymore therefore you can't get a refund. when you donate material for a project it becomes property belonging to the project. this is courtesy as such you will still be given proper compensation within the terms of the written agreement and an honorable mention in the credits. want to quit the project, well I won't stop you, just don't be a jerk about it.

With this outta the way, here are the rules for people who seek to help the team as fellow devs and contributors, any material you donate to the project, (sound files, music, pictures and tiles and maybe monetary donation eventually). For devs I will give you a job it won't be huge we just do things one step at a time, like your goal until the next step. gotta make it so I mesh everything together to work without problems.

for contributors any input and donation of materials will be used appropriately, maybe not on this project at first but it will be used eventually. for monetary donations we will workout something like this, expenses first then once we have enough for every members of the devs to get their cut everyone gets an even share. like that no bullcrap about embezzling money away. dev team are gonna get their cut of money via paypal and an email from me to tell them exactly what they should have gotten. and contributors who donated money will get an email saying thank you for your support from me. this will not go to your email but your inbox from this site.

Now for rules;

Dev team rules
1. all members will behave with respect to each other no matter what the other believes or appears to be.
2. all members in position of making materials used by the game also agree that these materials donated are considered donations to the project and therefore its property. therefore they relinquish the rights to those materials as personal intellectual property.
3. all members are expected to achieve their goal for the step, if there is to be a delay either foreseen or unforeseen they are to provide notice to the rest of staff. this is courtesy for the workplace.
4. all members who join must make an application form detailing their current experience and the post they wish to apply for to the project director(me) and the forum admin Phoenix. we will then begin a series of "talks" via Skype. it is mandatory that you have a mic and are able to speak English or French, preferably english. These talks will be about matters related to the position you wish to get. religious beliefs, sexual orientation and other preferrences are not going to be discussed about since they have no bearing related to the position.
5. Now this will not be the last project this team will do but if you wish not to take part of that venture we won't force you to join in. please be civil and courteous. about your departure and feel free to drop by and say hi!
6. if there is a time where it is deemed necessary to keep quiet about a project under no circumstance will anyone talk about what is happening as this is probably due to a leak to a competitor.this only means to matters related to the project.
7.all member of the team are expected to at least complete 1 project. don't join if you have commitment issues.
8 all members are to have fun while making the project. Gotta like what you do.

more later...

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